À l’Aubergine

In September Cecilia at The Kitchen’s Garden was only eating food from her own farmy. As part of documenting that effort, she photographed her meals. Her blog always has great photos of her farm and animals, but the food photos were a challenge.

As fall approaches Central Texas, the vegetables in the CSA box gradually change from okra and tomatoes to squash and beets — the season of heavy vegetables. Last week it included two eggplants. I’m not a fan of veggies that need to be turned into something else before you eat them — like eggplant parmesan. Eggplants are beautiful, but they aren’t my favorite things to eat. So, because my favorite food is pizza, I turned them into pizza.

After slicing and salting the eggplants, I grilled them outside. Then I built the pizzas, and put them back on the grill.  I cheated with store bought crust, but they turned out okay. With Provolone cheese and chopped basil from our garden.

Then, a little too late, I thought of Cecilia, and snapped this photo of what was left. Not bad for a first try, almost like the eggplant pizzas.