I am a sock knitter. With feet like these, you would be too. I love these Keen sandals; I haven’t painted my toenails all summer.

Summers are hot in my neck of the woods, so knitters have to consider projects carefully. No wool or alpaca, or anything that sits in your lap. That’s why I knit a lot of socks in the summer. Of course, I don’t wear them in the summer either. They just fill up my sock drawer, waiting for cooler days.

Here are a few I’ve made this summer.


These don’t match, and that makes me very happy.


First Monkey Socks

I also made a couple pairs of Monkey socks, big surprise, right?

More people on Ravelry are knitting this pattern than any other one. Think about that a minute.

Charade Socks

I made two pairs of Charade socks. One pair is top down, the other toe up. Can you tell which is which? I’m not sold on the toe up technique. I’ve heard all the advantages, but the arguments remind me of “tastes like chicken.” If the results are the same, why do it?


I’m glad that the weather is cooling down here. And I’m really glad that I don’t have to knit socks for these feet.


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