More Hats, no cats

These hats are addictive. Quick to knit, big Ta Da factor, warm, soft, and in a pinch, you can use them as tea cozies, or maybe the other way ’round.

I’ve completed two more. The first is another Canadian-Winter hat. This one is from left overs of Lambs Pride Bulky. It doesn’t fit quite as well as the first one. Probably because I tend to knit tighter with this yarn. I wonder why.


The second is from the Stitch and Bitch 2008 page a day calendar. The pattern is for last Friday. I discovered it last Saturday. It takes one skein of Malabrigo for both the hat and a short scarf. I went to Gauge, bought a skein. Knit the hat. Knit the scarf. Done on Monday. I washed it and as soon as it is dry, it’s off to my FIL. Really.


The astute among you may wonder about the project that required the Lambs Pride. It was this tea cozy, a gift for Nancy. I think she may be using it as a hat. I kind of made this one up, based on the tea cozy in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It’s a long rectangle of a slip stitch pattern. Then sew the cast on and off edges together, make the pleat on the top, sew on button, Voila!


Oh, and if you make the hats too big, they make great cat beds. Ask me how I know.


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