Thoughts on Stash

When a bunch of knitters get together, in addition to discussing family, politics, religion and the weather, they talk about projects, techniques, and new yarn purchases. At this point, someone says something like, “Oh, I can’t buy any more yarn, I have so much in my stash!” Other knitters nod in agreement, either thinking about their own collections, or agreeing that the speaker does indeed have a huge stash.

In 2007 several “must read” bloggers pledged to knit from their stash for that year. There are many patterns categorized as Stash Buster, to encourage knitters to use up that yarn. Even though we all read the Yarn Harlot, we all seem ashamed of our stash.

I get it, really I do. I’ve bought yarn on a whim. I have more sock yarn than I care to admit to. And a breathtaking array of dishcoth cotton.

But I don’t buy yarn in large quantities unless I have a project in mind. I can’t see a pattern, and go to a closet and get an appropriate yarn in the amount needed to finish a project.

With one exception.

When we were in New Zealand in 2004, I bought a boatload of Merino and Possum yarn in a neutral oatmeal color. I wanted the yarn as a souvenir. Since then I’ve swatched the yarn for a few projects, but none were right. For a while, the patterns I liked were too hard for me. Then they weren’t perfect. Then I decided that I didn’t like the color, and considered dying it.

But this week, I decided to just put on my sneakers, and do it. Behold the Bristow cardigan. I think it’s lovely in the sun, don’t you?



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Stash

  1. I love this sweater and plan on making it someday when the perfect yarn comes along! I think it’s a great way to use your souvenir yarn. I’d rather not talk about my stash! ROLOL

    Actually I tried to knit from my stash last year. I was still a new knitter, had some dud yarns in the stash, which resulted in some dud projects. This year however, I have a much better selection and I find it much easier to knit from the stash. When I do need to buy yarn, it’s typically for a large project as well.

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