The Mohair Won’t Hurt You

I’m not a big fan of mohair. Like some wools, it makes me itch. And I don’t like knitting with it because it so sticky, that it ends up in a big ball of knotted fuzz.

I know that most knitters just love the stuff. It takes dye well, so the colors are amazing. Projects are warm without weight. And the fuzz does cover up a multitude of errors.

But truthfully, it gives me the willies.

So it is a bit weird that I volunteered to buy a boatload of Kid Silk Haze for the upcoming Knit Guild workshop with Susanna Hansson. After purchasing the yarn, I had to split the balls, which adds to my anxiety because my relationship with my ball winder is strained ever since it ate a hank of lace weight silk.

But sometimes one must face one’s fears.

Buying the yarn was pretty easy. I ended up with twenty-three balls from Hill Country Weavers. One of each color they had. Here’s what it looked like:


I locked it away in a closet for a few days while I located a scale, and talked nice to my ball winder. Then I started to wind smaller balls. The hardest part of this task is finding the end of the ball from the fuzzy core of the yarn. I have terrible luck doing this with just about any yarn, and with this sticky stuff, I’m way out of my comfort zone. I made a plan. I have a few weeks to finish this task, so I only needed to do a couple a day. No problem. I got my scale, and a chair, and clamped the ball winder to a table near a window and started.

Surprisingly, it was so easy, that I finished in three days. I could have done it all in a day, but winding all that fuzz makes a lot of static electricity, and I was shocking the cats.

There was one issue with one ball, but we won’t speak of it.

Now it looks like this:


Mission accomplished.

Now if I can just get my swift to like me.


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