Spring has Sprung

Today, March 15, 2008 here in Austin, Texas, the temperature is 86°F. The sun is shining. Runners and cyclists are out in full force. Barton Springs, the city’s spring-fed pool that is a constant temperature of 68°F is crowded with swimmers and sunbathers. Visitors here for South by Southwest are carrying coats over their arms because they didn’t believe the weather reports.

Spring is here.

Which means that it’s time to put this pile of warm things back in the closet.


And it’s time move from wool to other fibers, like cotton. But I don’t really need any more dishcloths.


I’ve done some fiber migrating already. I finished the Everlasting Bagstopper a couple of weeks ago. It’s a great pattern. I used Hemp for Knitting, which is bit hard on the hands, but I like the result. My favorite thing about this bag is that it transforms from this cute little lump:


To this:


I’ve used it twice at the Farmer’s Market and I like it a lot. The problem with most string bags is that the knitted handles stretch as much as the bag. So you end up with your groceries dragging on the ground. The ribbon handles keep the bag manageable. A great improvement. It lives in the front seat of my car, accessible for my next trip to Whole Foods.

Now I’m going outside to wait for summer.


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