Hot Spots

There are a lot of signs in the window of my local Barnes and Noble. One displays the hours the store is open. One announces the next store event. Another urges patrons to join their frequent shoppers club. There are others, but a recent addition says, AT&T WiFi — A Hotspot.

It must work. The other day I counted about a dozen people working on laptops in the store — at one o’clock in the afternoon. When I see people in public places typing away on computers, I wonder what is so important that they have to work on it THERE. Don’t they have an office, a cubicle, a home. Somewhere private? Are they working, playing video games, bidding on a rare book on e-bay, updating their blog? Or perhaps they need a reason to be away from their office, cubicle, home. The bookstore is a hot spot for escaped worker bees.

In other settings, hot spots are places that you should avoid, like areas of high crime or volcanic activity. Or sometimes they are areas that need attention, like a hot spot on the grill or in the oven. Or sometimes they are things to grab hot objects, like a half-sheet pan right out of the oven, with freshly baked cookies. Wait, that’s a potholder. Like these I crocheted this weekend.


These are a lot of fun to make. I used self-stripping Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. The pattern is timeless and mindless. All those single crochets make it really dense, but flexible enough to use. This pair is for a friend who bakes and shares. There are more in my future. Maybe I’ll work on them at the Barnes and Noble.


2 thoughts on “Hot Spots

  1. I like go to coffee shops to talk with friends, but there is just too much comotion to get any real work done. I would choose the library over a noisy coffee shop any day.
    Love the crochet dishcloths! At first glance I thought you did all the color changes. I love how the striping yarn did that!

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