What’s the First Thing that Made You Smile Today?

At about 4am this morning, I rolled over in bed. This movement prompted Cody, our cat, to walk up from the foot of the bed to snuggle with me. He started to purr, and settled down with his head very close to mine.

Cody is our boy cat. He has big golden eyes, medium gray and white fur, gray pads on his feet, and the tip of his nose is gray. He likes to have the tip of his nose stroked — not the velvety part on the top, but the very gray tip.

Sometimes when he snuggles with me, he puts a big paw gently on my cheek, like he is trying to nudge me awake. Other times he curls up on my elbow, purring all the time. This morning, he put his nose on mine. In my half-wakefulness, I moved my head gently from side to side. I was having an eskimo kiss with my cat.

I smiled.

Does this photo count as knitting content?



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