The Case for Second Sock Syndrome

It is generally accepted that socks come in pairs. If you knit socks, that means that you have to make two of them. I understand that a lot of knitters don’t like to finish the second sock, so many in fact that the acronym SSS is well known by knitters as Second Sock Syndrome — or the inability to finish the second sock.

I don’t suffer from SSS. I’ve never left a sock stranded, and I don’t knit them two at a time — a technique that some say will cure SSS. It just never occurred to me to only knit one, except now.

I made a sock recently — from start to finish, toe grafted, ends woven in, everything. Finished. Somewhere along the way I realized that it is really ugly. The self-patterning yarn is just awful. But I kept knitting. I don’t know why — I have plenty of other stuff to work on. But it didn’t get any less ugly.

Here, you be the judge. Even from a few feet away it’s pretty dire. Maybe I should have stood on a stool.


Even Elvis didn’t help, thank you very much.


Add Cody to Elvis, and a lace curtain. Still not good.


I offered it to The Husband. After all, most of it will be covered by his pants. He smiled, and said, “Oh, yes I like it.” He’s a bit color blind, but still he must have realized it was ugly.

So, I think this sock will be one of a kind.


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