Much Better Now

Let’s not talk about the abandoned sock.


I had a lot of fun knitting these. The pattern is Froot Loop, and the yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom, the colorway is Alaska. It is a great pattern, and although the yarn is a bit heavier than some sock yarns, it is quite squishy and soft. I’d use it again in a minute. I got the at The Loopy Ewe a couple of months ago.

And you’ll notice that there are two of them.

Last month, we had a day in Seattle after we got off the cruise ship. Before losing our sea legs, we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island. It was a glorious day, and we sat on deck, in the sun, getting a great look at Seattle. Of course, we forgot the camera.

So to remember the outing, we went to Churchmouse Yarn and Teas, on Bainbridge Island. While I was browsing the yarn, The Husband was looking at tea pots. I looked up and he was talking to a nice lady, then he waved me over. He showed me a hand-knitted tea cozy, and said, rather excitedly considering we were in a yarn shop, “This is the kind of tea cozy I want.” The nice lady, who turned out to be the shop owner, said, “Let me get that pattern for you.” She must also live with someone who doesn’t often ask for something hand-knitted. The pattern called for Socks that Rock Heavyweight yarn, which is lovely, but a bit pricey for a tea cozy. I substituted some acrylic yarn from Michaels. If I ever get around to hand painting some yarn with Kool-Aid, this would be a great use for it.


In addition to the pattern, I did get some Socks that Rock yarn, but for socks …


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