Manly Socks Photoshoot

This book was sitting on our dining room table for a few days.

One morning when The Husband moved it to sit down and eat his breakfast I said, “Isn’t that a great cover photograph? I’d never knit those socks, but that photo is so well composed, the chair, the slightly lifted skirt with the ruffle.”

He could only nod, as his mouth was full of Breakfast Cereal ++, a private blend of all kinds of things that crunch. “Try not to dribble milk on it, will you?” I added.

Last evening after I finished the second Ironman Garter Rib Sock, I asked The Husband to model them. He had his legs draped over the arm of the sofa, and asked if that would work. “Nope,” I said, “I have another idea.”

I’m not the best photographer. We’ve discussed this before. However, I was inspired by that book cover. So here’s what we got.


Not quite as fetching as the photo on the book cover, but it does show off his pretty shapely and shaved legs. There are two things I should point out. First:


Second, that the socks cover up this:



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