Color Theory

Who remembers having their colors “done”? Are you an autumn or winter? Favor blue-reds over orange-reds? Or did you choose the same path as I did, and just wear black?

My favorite color is red, but I don’t wear that color very often. I have a lovely red shawl, and a great pair of red shoes, but my wardrobe is pretty neutral, except for my socks, of course.

My yarn stash reflects this neutral palette. And this supports my theory that when you are shopping for yarn, you buy yarn that goes with color you are wearing. So if you wear a lot of green, you’ll end up with this:



Or these:


The shawl, modeled by The Husband, is Misty Alpaca Hand-Dyed Lace weight. The pattern is from Amy Singer’s Plug and Play Shawl class from our Alaska cruise. The sock pattern is Spring Forward, and the yarn is Conjoined Creations Flat Feet.

But I’m at a loss to explain these two items:



The sweater is for Afghans for Afghans Youth Campaign, and is a simple top down raglan. I used some Big Kureyon from the sale bin at Hill Country Weavers and Lamb’s Pride Bulky. The hat is the Meathead hat from Knitalong, in double stranded Lamb’s Pride Bulky, also destined for Afghans for Afghans. Perhaps I was inspired by the Kureyon, or according to the website, that  Afghan children like bright colors, but then what child doesn’t?

In any case it was a lot of fun to knit with these bright colors, and with wool. Next on my list is a scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Considering my favorite color is red, this is color theory in action.


One thought on “Color Theory

  1. Greetings! I hear you’re in DRT again. Good luck, sorta, LOL. You know I want my team to win. Coming in 4th last year was pretty hard since the team that came in 3rd was my daughter’s team, hahaha. Love your knits, I agree whole heartedly about buying yarn according to what you wear. I think I’m going to start wearing white while yarn shopping 🙂 Have a great day!

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