Scarf it Up

I call them the Four Esses — the four things that knitters spend most of their time knitting: Sweaters, Socks, Shawls and Scarves.

Like a lot of knitters, I started my knitting life with a garter stitch scarf. Like most knitters, I moved on from there. But I keep coming back to scarves. Every winter I knit four or five or six scarves. I give some of them away, but I seem to keep most of them.

My justifications for knitting scarves are many:

  • In this mild climate, you don’ t need a lot of sweaters.
  • Scarves only take a couple of balls of yarn, so you can splurge.
  • It’s a great way to try new stitch patterns.
  • My neck gets cold.

We won’t talk about how I forgot to wear one on the coldest day in February a few years ago when I was waiting for The Husband to finish the Austin Marathon. Or how I loaned him the only scarf I took to Alaska. I now keep a wool scarf (and matching hat) in my car along with a couple of baseball hats. And I stowed one in my suitcase, just in case.

But, I’ve almost decided that I can have too many scarves.

So it’s a good thing that I discovered the Red Scarf Project. I can start my scarf-knitting season by knitting a few scarves for kids that need a care package, and that’s a good thing.

Here are two. The one on the left is Stacked Wedges from Knitting New Scarves. The yarn is Berroco’s Comfort yarn. The other is the Single Cable Scarf from One Skein, and that yarn is Patons Classic Merino.


And you’ll notice that I also keep coming back to garter stitch scarves.


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