First Thursday

On the first Thursday of every month, our local yarn shop, Hill Country Weavers, has a sale. Every sale has a theme. One time it was any 100% animal fiber. Another time, it was any yarn that had a seven in the price. One time it was all pink yarn. Some may call it quirky. I just call it good marketing!

Yesterday, the sale was on all solid color yarn. I’ve been wanting to knit Mr. Greenjeans for a while. I love to look at fancy cabled sweaters and I am intrigued by sweaters with unique constructions. But the truth is that I just want to wear simple designs. My normal uniform is jeans and a T-shirt. I really don’t even like collars. So Mr. Greenjeans seems like a good fit, excuse the pun, for me.

I came home from the sale with enough Ultra Alpaca to make the sweater. Blue, to go my uniform.


On another note, I’ve taken the Handmade Pledge for the holidays. Take a look at the pledge and join in, there’s a button in the sidebar.

With that in mind, I hope that some of you drink tea.



2 thoughts on “First Thursday

  1. I was checking out new additions to Buy Handmade and came upon your blog. Lovely 🙂 I will do a little more tunneling in when I have more time. Clever sales gimick, but sometimes it’s nice to limit our search for yarns, or we can start spinning in circles! I love the Mr. Greenjeans sweater. Like you, I always look at the lacy patterns, and often make them, but for others. I am by nature a dressed down kid of gal, so I gravitate towards solid and comfy! Anyway, your blog has a very nice feel, and the entries I read were pleasurable. I’ll stop by often.


  2. I LOVE the mug cozies. So cute. Handmade for the Holidays is a great idea; I’ve never made it into an official policy but our family seems to do a lot of it. I’m going over to check it out now. Thanks for the tip!

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