Stealth Knitting

It is mid-September. If you’re in school, you should be worried about those first tests, or maybe about that dissertation research that’s not quite finished. If you’re a runner, you are thinking about cooler and shorter days to go the distance. If you’re a worker bee, you’re dreaming about your next holiday.

If you’re a knitter you are planning for the holidays. If you have a long list of peeps to knit for, you should be started, or at least know who will get what. You are swatching and spending long sessions on Ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern. You have public projects and private projects. You now carry a bigger knitting bag, to stow away those private projects quickly, because most of all, ’tis the season of stealth knitting.

If your mate doesn’t keep up with your knitting projects, stealth knitting at home is easy. If your giftees live out of town, it is also easy. However, if most of your friends are knitters, it’s harder. If you have a good friend that works at the yarn shop, consider something else.

But whatever you do, don’t blog about those gifts, mention the yarn you purchased for them, or where you got the pattern. That’s not stealthy.



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