A standard feature of most personal blogs a blogroll which is a list of the blogs that the author reads. I don’t have one. Not because I don’t read other blogs, but because I just read a few of the most popular knitting blogs.

But I have recently expanded my horizon a bit. Added to Wendy Knits and Mason-Dixon Knitting, and Crazy Aunt Purl, are a few that are not so mainstream, so here they are.

I love titles that really tell you something, like A Year of CrockPotting. The author is documenting a recipe a day for the Crockpot. I love the before and after photos, first the ingredients, and then finished dish. Yum.

One of the great things about multi-author blogs is that readers always find something interesting. I read two multi-author blogs regularly. Whip-up covers all media: paper, fiber, fabric, wood, wire, whatever. They publish links to finished goods, as well as tutorials, and patterns. A great blog with an awful name. I also read Label-Free, a multi-author blog dedicated to sewing.

A lot of knitters listen the the Lime and Violet podcast. But if doesn’t interest you, check out their Daily Chum for what they have found on the web. Take note: Daily Chum is only for the fiber-enabled.

If you don’t plan ahead, get a newspaper, or are just looking for something to do, check out Today in Austin. Like the title says, there is a list of events every day.

I also read The Husband’s blog/training log. Insert witty sentence here.


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