Just not enough for a sweater …


I recently came home from Hill Country Weavers with two balls of Kidsilk Haze. They were for the Cardi Cozy from the new Mason-Dixon book, Knitting Outside the Lines. The instructions for this rather unique sweater clearly state that the sweater can be completed with just two balls of this yarn. It’s a good thing, because this yarn is a lot expensive. It is really beautiful yarn; the mohair gives garments a fine halo, and the silk gives it drape and amazing color. And it is very soft.

I am making this sweater for a friend, who is not a knitter, but appreciates knitted garments. She bought the yarn. Before I started to knit the sweater, I looked on Ravelry for any issues with the pattern. There I found knitters lamenting that the pattern does indeed take more yarn; quite a lot more, really.

So, I bought more yarn. At some point the original two balls ended up on the desk, near the computer. I told The Husband about the problems with the pattern. He asked, “Are you talking about that yarn up by the computer?”

“Yep,” I replied.

“Even I could tell that wasn’t enough yarn for a sweater.”


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