A Slump

Used with permission from christinecooks.blogspot.com

Used with permission from christinecooks.blogspot.com

We have four seasons here in Central Texas: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer, and Deer Season.

That means that our growing seasons are ahead of cooler climates. So this week there will be strawberries in my CSA box, along with lettuce, green garlic and asparagus. As the heat increases, the lettuce bolts and the strawberries dry up, and Viola! it’s Peach Season.

During peach season, I come home from the Farmer’s Market with varieties from several farmers. More than we can eat out of hand. So I make peach crumbles. Sometimes with blackberries, which share the early weeks of peach season. I slice the peaches really thin so I don’t have to remove their skin, and use a lot of butter in the topping. Served with just a dribble of cream, the husband and I can eat the entire crumble after dinner.

I was surfing around Martha’s website recently, and came across this article: Crumbles, Cobblers and Crisps. I’ve heard about cobblers and crisps, but grunts, buckles and pandowdies were new to me. And slumps. According to Martha:

A grunt is also sometimes called a slump, a name that comes from its graceless habit of falling all over itself when served in a gooey, yummy mess.

This definition reminded me that I was in a bit of a knitting slump. After finishing the Cardi Cozy, I was at a loss. No project called to me. I avoided the yarn stores. I looked through my knitting books and Knitty archives. I started a sock from stash yarn. A simple sock that didn’t require much thought.

Then I started a striped scarf. I used Jojoland Melody, a sock yarn with long color repeats. It’s simple, just 1×1 ribbing with two different colorways. But the color changes are so subtle, I just kept knitting to see what would happen next.

Two Row Scarf #!

I’m no longer a graceless gooey mess, knitting wise. I’ve gone on to twisty things.

Errant Sock #1


2 thoughts on “A Slump

  1. Greetings from the midcoast of Maine.

    I love the socks. What are you using for yarn? Such a lovely shade.

    Here we have five seasons: the usual four that everyone experiences and the current one: Mud Season. We don’t plant our gardens until Memorial Day unless we want to flirt with frost. It’s hard to imagine having Strawberries from the garden now. That’s a treat we don’t have until June.

    • The yarn is Socks that Rock from Blue Moon. It was a gift from a friend who was de-stashing sock yarn, so I don’t know the colorway. It makes really nice socks.

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