Little Foxes

I live in a pretty typical suburban neighborhood.

We have a fenced in back yard. It’s pretty big compared to some back yards, but not for this subdivision. We don’t have much lawn — it’s generally a bit wild for suburbia.

We’ve had our share of stray cats in the back yard and we feed them. The cat food attracts other animals like squirrels, birds, possums and raccoons. They all seem to live in harmony.

Very early one morning last week, The Husband called to me from the kitchen, “Are you awake? Come here and see something in the back yard.” I stumbled down the stairs and looked out into the still gloomy darkness of 5AM. “What?” I said, “What do you see?” Then I saw some movement in the dark, something darting around. The cats were at our feet, looking out the glass door too. They saw something and started making that noise that we call, I want to Eat You. Then they got quiet and hunkered down, making themselves small, so whatever was out there couldn’t see them.

As it got lighter, we saw a family of grey foxes cavorting in the back yard. Two small ones, about the size of cats, and two adults, a male and female. They seemed so at ease with the surroundings that it was probably not their first visit. The Husband and I watched as little ones chased each other, and tumbled around on the grass. The adults watched them from the deck. At almost full light, the female and the small ones disappeared under the deck, but the male stood guard for a while longer, and then also disappeared.

He’s a handsome beastie.


We’ve seen them most mornings since then. And they disappear in the same order with the male going last. We wonder what they eat and where they go during the day. But mostly we’re amazed that these wild animals have adopted us.

More backyard fox photos here.


One thought on “Little Foxes

  1. how absolutely amazing! I lived in Westlake for a while, and while we had deer, stray cats, one snake and a flock of peacocks come through the yard, I never saw foxes.

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