Fourth in a Series

I love garter stitch.

Most knitters move beyond this simple stitch as their skills increase. I’ve strayed too. Complex lace patterns. Mosaic patterns. Fair Isle. Everything except intarsia. But I always come back to garter stitch.

I’m not alone. Like twinklely vampires, garter stitch lovers find each other. Most recently I found Martina Behm. Her small shawl designs are based on garter stitch, but she’s found a way to shape them in a most clever way. They curl around the shoulders and stay put.

As my pile of hand-spun yarn increases, I’m looking for patterns that have adaptable yardage requirements.These patterns are perfect. Knitters can easily change the yarn weight, because Martina includes instructions on how to determine when to start the border and not run of out yarn. Ingenious, really.

And then there’s the wit. Martina has an e-book called Hitchhiker that includes Trillian, Hitchhicker, Margarthea and Lintilla. Yes, four patterns. Gotta love the sense of humor.

Here are mine.


Magrathea in Tanis Fiber Arts, Blue label from the Beehive Wool shop in Victoria, BC.

Trillian in my hand-dyed and spun BFL.

Lintilla in Pagewood Farms Alyeska sock yarn — a gift from a great friend.

Hitchhiker in Twisted Sister Zazu Hand Paints from Hill Country Weavers.

Model: DH


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