Impromptu Inspiration

My latest spinning project is some very green wool. My wheel is upstairs, next to a window that looks over the back yard. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so my view is very green too.

This morning after washing the finished yarn, I put a wooden drying rack in the back yard. Then attached the skeins with some very old, beaded ponytail holders.

This was not my idea, but after seeing it on a Ravelry post, I went looking for these beaded things in my dresser, wondering if I’d thrown them away. I used them a lot when I was younger, but eventually abandoned them for other, less conspicuous  hair elastics. I found quite a cache of them, in a rainbow of colors, amongst a jumble of scrunchies and headbands.

After hanging up the yarn, I stood on the deck, looking at the green all around me, with bits of red, and knew what to call that green yarn.

Pesky thing, inspiration.

Some Yarn School Handspun

Reel Lawnmower

Abandoned Chore

An Abandoned Chore


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