Just a Theory

I have a color theory. More specifically, a knitter’s color theory. Simply stated, it is that a yarn shopper will buy yarn in the same color that he/she is wearing.

Once at a knitting guild meeting, one of the members lamented that her yarn stash was mostly purple — even the dishcloth cotton. She was wearing a bright purple sweater. I asked, “Do you wear a lot of purple?” “It’s my favorite color,” she acknowledged, “I wear it all the time.” Mystery solved.

Everyone has a favorite color, and yet we also crave variety. So we imagine that our closet is filled with a plethora of color. But if you look critically at your closet (and the closet of anyone else in your household that you purchase clothes for), I suspect that it will be dominated by one color, your favorite.

A few months after I got my spinning wheel, I joined a fiber club. I get really confused shopping for fiber online — mostly because there are so many great, independent dyers out there. So getting someone to choose the fiber for me seemed a great idea. I’d automagically get a squishy package mailed to me once a month. I’d get to try new types of fiber. I could stop squinting at the photos on etsy. But mostly, I could expand my color horizon and not negate my color theory.*

Okay, that might be a pretty long explanation for these photos.

Spunky Eclectic Club September 2011

Tartan, Spunky Eclectic Club 2011

Gnomespun Mythic Fiber Club, September 2011

Changing Woman, Gnomespun Mythic Fiber Club, September 2011

Mayflower at Plymouth Rock -- BohoKnitterChic Spins

Mayflower at Plymouth Rock, BKC Spins Club, November 2011

*Because on the Internet, no one knows what you are wearing.


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