These Daze

It’s one of those nearly autumn days in in Central Texas. Mornings are cool, afternoons are warm and evenings are breezy. When I got up this morning, I put on my Ugg boots with a sleeveless summer dress and then a long-sleeved top over the dress. At mid-day I went into the backyard to take some photos and my exposed knees attracted mosquitos.

Late Summer Stash

Now in the late afternoon, I’ve shed the long sleeves, but I’m still wearing the Uggs. Dinner is cooking in the crockpot. The cats are asleep in their favorite spots. I’m watching the breeze move the tree branches gently above the deck and enjoying the quiet.

I can do this because my afternoons belong to me again. I had a part-time job that made me crazy, so I quit this week. It is so liberating to stop doing something that upsets your balance, but that you believe you need to do. I know that I’m lucky, that I could quit the job and still have a comfortable life. But it feels like I just removed an ugly, heavy coat made of synthetic fiber that made me sweat all the time.

To celebrate, I’m organizing my stash and making notes for knitting projects and reading good books and cooking and watching the cats sleep. I may even do some housework.


2 thoughts on “These Daze

  1. I absolutely agree that a nasty job thins the blood, best to get out of it and find something new.. when you are ready, you have a lovely calm welcoming blog Susan.. thank you c

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