Modeling Behavior

A few posts ago, I intended to write about Amy King’s Rumpus Recipe Shawl. But the post took a different turn. I’m going to correct that today.

As a recipe, Rumpus has  no step-by-step instructions, but lots of options to create a triangular shawl of your own design. Amy starts the discussion with pointers on what kind of yarn to use for the effect you want, including yardages for different yarn weights. It also includes gorgeous photographs of her shawls, charts for the stitch patterns, and lots of encouragement for shawl knitters of any skill level.

Amy is Spunky Eclectic, so it’s no surprise that Rumpus works great for handspun yarn.

This one is my second Rumpus, made with two coordinating braids of BFL from Woolgatherings. Peacock is the variegated and Plum the solid. The model is the Husband.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He has a fan club on Ravelry.


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