Gradual Colors

I have a decision to make.

My brother- and sister-in-law are expecting twins in March. A new kid in the family is great for knitters — kids stuff is fun and quick to knit. I made a rather large baby blanket for their first kid. It was a fun project, but I don’t want to make two blankets.

Instead I’m thinking of spinning some yarn for some knitted booties and hats. Interchangeable but not identical booties and hats for twins.

Now for the decision. From my fiber stash, I’ve narrowed my choices to these two braids:


Both are gradients or progression in a blend of bamboo, superwash merino and nylon.  On the left, Twisted Fiber Art Glam fiber in Mumtaz. On the right, Spunky Eclectic Panda in Iris.

They are both soft and squishy and will make lovely, washable baby things. The family is in Germany,  land of colorfully-dressed children, so I’m thinking the Mumtaz would be best with it’s progression from sunny yellow to orange then hot pink and finally baby-boy-blue. But then, maybe the subtle tones of pale yellow, green and blue in Iris would be better.

Or maybe, I’ll just spin both and not decide. I have until March, after all.


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