I wish I were ambidextrous.

If I could use both hands with equal dexterity, would anything change? Could I stir two pots at  the same time at my stove? Could I brush both cats at the same time? Would I complete chores more quickly?

I started thinking about efficiency this week after giving my fiber stash a once over. It’s getting too big yet I’m still adding to it. But it’s also daunting to think of all that fiber transformed into yarn. What do I do with that?

I need a plan. November is a good time for plans. First on the list is my first combination spin. These three balls of fiber will become one yarn:


Combo Spin

Then I’ll knit the yarn into this sweater from knittspin: Party Mix. Or maybe I’ll look for some patterns for my growing pile of  handspun yarn. Like Speranza for this gradient yarn I finished from Twisted Fiber Art.

Mumtaz, Twisted Fiber Art

Mumtaz, Twisted Fiber Art

This shawl would make a great gift for the mother of those twins. Speaking of those twins, I should start spinning  Summer’s End fiber for Saartje’s Booties.

I really need a hand.


2 thoughts on “Single-handed

    • Thanks Verónica for stopping by. I’m pretty pleased with how the Mumtaz turned out too. Glad you like the header — those ponytail holders make great “hangers” for drying handspun yarn.

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