House Blend

I’ve been a coffee snob for a very long time. I bought my first Krups coffee grinder and a Melitta pour-over drip coffee pot in 1980. That grinder has long since been replaced, but I still use the Melitta. I call it the anti-automatic coffee maker. Back then, part of the snobbery was the technique — freshly ground beans, sparkling clean coffee pot, an unbleached paper filter, water heated to the perfect temperature.

In 1980, it was pretty hard to find decent coffee beans, especially in small-town America. Where I lived, the Safeway stocked the rye bread in the gourmet food section. It’s a lot different today, so being a contemporary coffee snob is about choice. I buy beans from a local roaster at the Farmers Market. His selection changes from week to week, so I always ask for the one he likes today, his own blend of the best beans.

I finished the combination spin for Those Twins this week. I started with these two colorways from Sky Loom Weavers.

Piña Colada and Walker’s Blanket

And ended up with this yarn:

Baby Pina Colada

Baby Pinña Colada

The superwash BFL is so soft and  squishy. I’m not good at imagining finished yarn from a pile of dyed fiber, but this yarn turned out just right, I think. It was great fun pulling the fiber apart for the color sequence I wanted. In a fit of wantonness, I tossed away some yellow bits. Then the plying blended the colors into such a happy combination for baby things. It’s my own house blend.


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