It is time to announce the Nouns of the Year. That is the person, place or thing that is the best, worst, most overlooked or under appreciated of the past year. These reviews have spread away from traditional publications into social media. iTunes has the best apps, song, album, new vocalist, etc. Texas Monthly wraps up the year with their Bum Steer Awards. Even HuffPost has collected the Weirdest World Records of 2012.

I’m looking back too. I don’t make resolutions, but in 2012, I decided to buy more fiber and less yarn. Check. I also wanted to spin that fiber into yarn. Check. I admit that my yarn output doesn’t exactly equal my fiber input, but that’s life.

About mid-year, I had another issue: using that handspun yarn. I became obsessed with finding patterns. I adapted some simple patterns for different gauges to knit with the yarn I had. I got better at finding projects that would highlight the yarn’s characteristics, including its flaws. I lurked in Ravelry forums. I peeked at other spinner’s projects. I started thinking about a loom. And when all else failed, I gave some yarn away to other knitters.

Here’s a sampling of what I made with handspun yarn.

That’s a Rumpus Shawl in Grape Fade from Spunky Eclectic.

DH, Fish and Grape Fade

DH, Fish and Grape Fade

Or Planet X Bandit by Ela Torrente in Gnomespun, Eos colorway.

Planet X Bandit -- In the Garden

Planet X Bandit — In the Garden

Speranza by Emma Fassio in Twisted Fiber Arts, colorway is Mumtaz.

Mumtaz Speranza

Mumtaz Speranza

Mostly Warmness by Martina Behm in SE Tossed Salad colorway.

Mostly Salad

Mostly Salad

My goal for 2013? Just keep spinning, knitting and enjoying it.

Happy New Year everyone!


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