I’m not good with lists. For example, when I go to the store, list in hand, I’m confident that the list is comprehensive and complete — that everything I need is on the list. That confidence lasts until I get home, and realize that I did forget something important like toilet paper or laundry detergent or trash bags or beer. Something that wasn’t on the list.

As a result, I tend to horde overbuy things. My pantry has many cans of tomatoes, all purchased on different trips to the store. On the floor are a  few gallons of cranberry juice, and on the shelves, about six jars of the same kind of salsa.

I’ve had my spinning wheel about three years. Since I spin a lot, that means I’ve accumulated quite a lot of yarn. As a knitter, that’s a good thing. But knitting is a pretty slow process — I can spin 400 yards of yarn faster than I can knit it. So the yarn is piling up.

Last month, I decided to do something about my growing stash. I bought a rigid heddle loom:

My 20-inch Flip RH Loom

Weaving on this loom is so easy. And quick. The handspun gradient warp in that picture is fiber from Gnomespun Yarn and Fiber. After a couple of days, became this scarf:

Peklenc Scarf
Next on my list? Chips and beer for all that salsa.


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