Here’s Looking at You

This is the first book that I’ve purchased this year, Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson of Wendy Knits:

I’m trying to break the habit of just buying books. I use the local library. I borrow books from friends (and return them). I wander around bookstores and walk out empty handed. I’m using my old standard cookbooks more.

This changed on Sunday. The Husband and I went to our local Barnes and Noble. He went to find a travel book on Spain, and I went to look at the knitting books. When we rendezvoused by the magazines, he had a book about Lisbon, and I had this one.

I’ve looked at this book on previous visits. It is lovely. The socks are photographed clearly and the yarn choices compliment the stitch patterns. You can almost imagine wearing the socks with the same wispy dresses the models are wearing. This time I looked more carefully. I’m still in a bit of a knitting slump, and I needed some inspiration. I blame the weather.

On this closer look, I realized that I really liked most of the patterns. These are socks that I would be happy to wear. They looked fun to knit, and the toe up technique is still new enough for me that I need some hand-holding instructions.

At home, I picked a pattern, almost at random, selected some yarn from my stash, and started to knit. I’m one happy knitter.


And yes, The Husband knows that Lisbon is not in Spain. He was influenced by Casablanca, which he recently saw for the first time. When friends learned that he had never seen the movie, they invited us to see it at a downtown theatre. I think he’s wondering what happened to all those folks in Lisbon.