Once Again

One of my favorite spinning books is Judith MacKenzie McCuin’s The Intentional Spinner. It wasn’t always my favorite. At first, when I was a seat-of-your-pants spinner, I got lost in her technical descriptions of spinning. Then I wanted just spin — not really caring what the yarn looked like or if it was usable. Just spinning for the sake of spinning.

As I got more proficient, I wanted the fiber to tell me how it wanted to be spun. But I didn’t always listen carefully and had more disappointments than successes. Then for a while, I just spun all fiber the same way. No listening involved. My yarns were more consistent, but pretty boring. And I was bored too.

Sometime last year, I bought fiber for the  idea to knit a shawl.  I spun it and knit the shawl and it made me very happy. I did it again. More happiness. But I was still spinning the same yarn. Then I bought two pounds of fiber to spin and knit a sweater. I thought I’d be bored before it was done, but I was so wrong. I started re-reading the book and made samples and control cards and swatches and then started over again. I’d discovered that I enjoy planning a project from fiber to finished item. I’d discovered my intent.

I’ve started the process again with this:

SE Glacial

Spunky Eclectic Glacial on Falkland

That’s a Spunky Eclectic colorway called Glacial on Falkland. I have 28 ounces of it. My goal is to knit this sweater: Folly Cove. Here’s six ounces spun:

SE Glacier

Spunky Eclectic Glacier Cabled Yarn

I think Judith would be proud.


2 thoughts on “Once Again

    • Thanks Maureen for stopping by.

      I have high hopes for this project. This Falkland fiber is so fun to spin and I love how it’s turning out. But here in Central Texas, it’s already 90F, so knitting a wool sweater might become a fall project.

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